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Just seeing Joseph Macharia's happy face in his big black taxi at RDU Airport makes me glad to be home in North Carolina after a long journey abroad

RDU Taxi I travel a lot. I also have family that travels a lot. I love going to the airport. But only when it is time to go somewhere, not when one of my family members want me to take them so they can go somewhere. Picking them up is worse. Because of the hysteria over terrorism you can't idle your car while you wait for someone to come through the arrivals exit or a cop comes and tells you to move. You have to drive around the RDU airport loop road and if your family happen to walk out the door when you happen to pass then you can stop and they can get in and you can drive away. Most people have cell phones so they are able to somewhat coordinate pick-ups but even so it is a pain and I don't like doing it and I don't like making my family do it when I arrive. I hate to say it but I also don't like having to tell my family about the trip on the way home from the airport. I feel like I am compressing weeks of enjoyment into a conversation that I have to make in thanks for being picked up. And when I pick somone up I certainly don't want to hear about their adventures while I was stuck in North Carolina.

RDU TaxiSo I call a taxi driver named Joseph Macharia, originally from Kenya who takes me to the airport and picks me up when I return. He is always happy to see me and I am certainly happy to see him after a 20 hour day of flying. He drives a nice new Ford Explorer which I would never own but don't mind being a passenger in since I don't have to pay for gas. If my daughter is cranky he has a DVD player and hypnotizes her with Tina Turner Live. He is courteous, helpful and always gets me to the airport on time no matter what the traffic situation is. He also does tours all over the state of North Carolina and can take you just about anywhere. Even when my family members want to be picked up at the airport I send Joseph and I pay him since they are too cheap to pay for a taxi and believe that if a family member really cares about you they will come pick you up at the airport. I don't feel that way. If you don't either, call Joseph.

You can phone Joseph at 919 740-0207.

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