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Siler City Photo Album

Think of a northern city and then imagine an area of warehouses and factories where the companies have left for Asia and now artists are taking over the buildings as studios because the spaces are big and the rents are cheap, and then cool shops start opening and people start moving into the area and before you know it you have a thriving artistic community. Now imagine that instead of the city this all takes place in a small southern town. That is what Siler City is becoming...

Click on the first photo and then click your way through....
silercity01.jpg silercity02-tracks.jpg silercity03-street2.jpg silercity04-hotelhadley.jpg silercity05-mural-coke.jpg
silercity06-mural-ace.jpg silercity07-sculpture.jpg silercity08-tailor.jpg silercity09-ceramics-class.jpg silercity10artsincubator.jpg
silercity11-gallery.jpg silercity12-gourdart-carol-kroll.jpg silercity13-art-christy-church.jpg silercity14-art-goat-in-spring.jpg silercity15-coffee-shop.jpg
silercity16-coffee-shop2.jpg silercity17-wickerspawnshop.jpg silercity18-art-cow.jpg silercity19-street.jpg silercity20-mural-chatham-hospital.jpg
silercity21-luncheonette.jpg silercity22-mural-coke2.jpg silercity23-hair-salon.jpg silercity24-mural3.jpg silercity25-mural-farmersalliance.jpg
silercity26-mural-farmersalliance2.jpg silercity27-farmersalliance3.jpg silercity28-farmersalliancestore2.jpg silercity29-farmersalliancestore.jpg silercity30-farmersalliance.jpg
silercity31-farmersallianceeggs.jpg silercity32-tienda.jpg silercity33-mural-hardware.jpg

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