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Pittsboro's Green Chili Burrito Phenomenon 

There is no bigger success story or more important symbol of Pittsboro than the Green Chili Burrito. Invented by the reclusive artist and marketing genius Doug Lorie, the Green Chili Burrito has become perhaps the most well known and best selling single food item in the long history of Pittsboro. Sadly the famous Green Chili Burrito is no longer being made, or if it is made it is no longer being counted since few people have the organizational skill of Doug Lorie that would enable them to count burritos into the hundreds of thousands and millions.

But this success story is not only about Doug. It is about all those people who helped the Green ChiliBurrito attain legendary status by eating their share.

This is their story. It begins here

Read this rare interview with reclusive artist and inventor of the Green Chili Burrito Doug Lorie

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