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The best place to begin is with The Golden Age of NC Music. Especially if you were around in the eighties. Then check out the Cat's Cradle Calendars from that period before going to my Scrapbook of Photos and Posters. You can also see my reviews of Chapel Hill/Carrboro Clubs Bars and Nightlife

Comboland Radio

Comboland… this catchy moniker was coined by Godfrey Cheshire in 1985 for a project he and Bernie Reeves were developing at “The Spectator”, a weekly entertainment magazine in Raleigh, NC. The idea was to expose to the rest of the world the many great artists and bands that made up the “North Carolina Music Scene”. 27 bands/artists submitted 48 songs for the project. These tapes were shopped to record companies and found some success in England. A BBC special was filmed and a single compilation album was released on Making Waves records. A couple of the bands secured deals of their own thanks to this exposure. The others either toiled on or broke up. In the process some wonderful music was made. Beginning in the early 70’s the “Comboland” era sort of ended in the early 90’s but great music kept coming out of the region. Today the number of artists/bands making music in Comboland is remarkable! While Comboland Radio features quite a bit of the older tunes they feature plenty of the recent releases too. Some of the best independent bands and artists have come from Comboland. Producers Don Dixon, Jamie Hoover and Mitch Easter help lay the foundation. There are PLENTY of others who make up Comboland. Hopefully this new outlet will expose the great new music coming out of Comboland. Comboland lives on! To listen to Comboland Radio click on the above logo.

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