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It was predicted many years ago that Durham, North Carolina would be the next artistic and cultural Mecca on the East coast.... and if you want to be a part of it you better hurry. Whatever you have read in the papers or seen on the news about Durham  being  a racially divided community is pure nonsense. Durham is a racially integrated community. And those who made that prediction appear to have been right. Durham is happening.

Durham, NC 1920
History of Durham

American Tobacco Historic District, Durham, NC
Things to do

JW Jones Band at Blue Note Grill, Durham, NC

Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC
Duke University

Durham Marriot Hotel
Hotels in Durham

Symposium Restaurant, Durham, NC
Durham Restaurants

Bull Durham Blues Festival in Durham NC
Annual Events

Durham Bull
Durham Photo Album

Start with the Introduction on this page or else jump to my History of Durham and then go to my section on Things to do in Durham which include the Durham Bulls and the restaurants, theatres, galleries and cultural centers and of course by now you know that Durham is famous for its Nightlife so check that page too. As you probably know Durham is home to Duke University so I have a section on that with a slight emphasis on Duke Basketball. If you need a place to stay I have a page on Hotels in Durham and also a page on Durham Restaurants. I have also listed some annual events like festivals, street fairs and stuff like that. Take a look at my Durham Photo Album too unless you have something better to do.

Introduction to Durham

Durham, North CarolinaTo many Chapel Hillians, Durham is the town that Duke is in, where whenever you go there you always get lost and still manage somehow to get to where you are going. Durham's downtown was once a lively place with crowded sidewalks and busy shops but somewhere something went wrong. Whether it was a changing economy or the giant road projects that cut neighborhoods off from the downtown and from each other, whatever Durham had in the twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties they lost in the sixties, and seventies and have spent the eighties and nineties trying to get it back.

When I began this page I thought I knew a lot about Durham. But the more I read, the more I realized I didn't know Durham at all. I realized what an important place Durham is and will most likely be again. Durham at one time was the home of the most successful African-American community in America. The combination of  this and the money that tobacco brought in made the city one of the most cultural diverse and artistic areas in North Carolina, whether we are talking about the Bull City Blues or the artists, dancers, theaters, and festivals that are a part of life in Durham. Durham's past and the present combine to make it the most likely place in North Carolina to give birth to an artistic explosion that many people predict is on its way.

Downtown DurhamYes, the downtown certainly needs more work to make it the top arts and music city on the East Coast, but it is hard to imagine anywhere with more potential, with beautiful old buildings just waiting for tenants and empty sidewalks waiting for people to walk on them, past outdoor art exhibits and street musicians. If you are looking for a happening place to move to before it happens, (since you won't be able to afford to move there after it happens), I suggest looking into Durham but you better hurry because the clock is ticking. With loads of empty warehouse and loft space downtown (they make great nightclubs, restaurants, bars and studios) and lots of people from out of state filling up the suburbs, it won't be long before Durham is the next big thing. It may not happen tomorrow but when it does you will want to be there. And if it doesn't maybe it's because you weren't. Already artists and musicians are fleeing the high costs of living in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Carrboro and coming to Durham as are talented people from all over the USA.

Durham can be reached by air through Raleigh-Durham International airport (RDU) which is about fifteen minutes drive from downtown. It can also be reached by bus and the new bus station is right across the street from Durham's new railway station, a beautifully restored old industrial building within walking distance of both Duke's East Campus and downtown Durham. If you plan to drive to Durham it is close to both Interstate 40 and Interstate 85.

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