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Chapel Hill

West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

For most people who live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there is nowhere else in the state they can see themselves living. That's because many people in Chapel Hill see the rest of the state the way the ancient Athenians saw their city, as an island of intelligence and culture in a sea of ignorance. (Sort of the way New Yorkers see themselves compared to the rest of the country). It was Jesse Helms who opposed the creation of the North Carolina Zoo by suggesting they just put a fence around Chapel Hill. He also referred to UNC as the "University of Negroes and Communists". Though Jesse is gone and progressivism in North Carolina is on the rise, Chapel Hill still acts as a magnet for anyone whose intelligence, politics and creativity make them a poor fit for small-town life.

UNC Old Well

Apple Chill in Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill Photos

Chapel Hill, Historic House
Historic Houses

UNC Playmakers Theater
UNC Chapel Hil

Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill Hotels

The Station, Carrboro

411 West Chapel Hill

Baxter's Arcade, Chapel Hill
Bars and Nightlife

Home Rentals, Chapel Hill
Vacation Homes

First read my Introduction to Chapel Hill which will give you some general information about the town and community. Then go through my Chapel Hill Photo Album and see some nice pictures of people, places and things. Then take a look at the Historic Houses of Downtown Chapel Hill. Don't forget to visit The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill too. There is also a little tour of the Apple Chill Street Fair. Then when you are done go visit Carrboro, right next door. Also take a look at my Reviews of Chapel Hill/Carrboro Restaurants and my reviews of Chapel Hill/Carrboro Clubs Bars and Nightlife. If you are looking for a place to stay see Chapel Hill Hotels.

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